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Art Shows – Summer – Fall 2012

   I’m participating in several exhibits this year.  This spring I had paintings in Washington, NC with the North Carolina Wildlife Artists’ Society.

   In July and August, I have several pieces at the NC Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores and the Jones House Community Center on King Street in Boone.  If you find yourself in either the mountains or the coast this summer, please check out my artwork.

   In October and November, I will have a whole bunch of paintings in a two-artist exhibit at the Carolina Brewery in Pittsboro. 

  In December, the NCWAS and I will be well represented and the Core Sound Duck Decoy Festival at the Core Sound Waterfowl History Museum in Harker’s Island.

  If you have any questions about my work that will be displayed, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Kayak Etc. Trailer Project

   I’m getting tired of lifting my kayak onto my giant SUV and all the careful strapping it entails.  I realize I go kayak fishing less because of the hassle.  Also I’m going to need to take more than boat places in the future as I have 3 future kayak anglers in my house.  However, paying $1,000 for a purpose built kayak trailer would be difficult to explain to the Mrs..  So what’s a guy to do?  I’ve seen several good examples of used boat trailers modified to carry kayaks, so I figured I’d see what I could find.  A little Craigslist search found several boat “projects”, where the owner was pretty much just trying to get an eyesore out of his yard, with the prices being $300 and less.  The trailers usually looked serviceable under a rotting boat.  I decided to look for a free boat/trailer combo in Chatham County so if I had to nurse a questionable trailer home it wouldn’t be too far.  I advertised on the local “Chatlist” and a “for sale in Chatham Co.” group in FB and soon had an offer.  The find was a early ’80’s 17 foot boat and trailer that an oak had fallen on, bending the tongue at the jack.  My first attempt to bring it home was a failure.  I couldn’t figure out a way to bend the tongue back into shape.  I heated it, hammered it, and used a giant iron bar for leverage and only got it bent about a third of the way it needed to go.  My next attempt will involve cutting off most of the bend and attaching a new coupler to the stub that’s left.  That should get me home to strip down the boat, so I can take it to the dump.  Then I can start building up my kayak trailer.  I’m thinking of building a rack that can hold four kayaks and attaching a lockable storage box to it.  I’ll post some pictures when I get it here.

Battle in the Boro Kayak Fishing Tournament 4-28-12

This Saturday I’ll be competing in an NCKFA tournament benefiting “Heroes on the Water”, which is a program that assists wounded veterans get into kayak fishing.  I can’t wait.  I’ll be trying for the flyfishing category and I’m planning on fishing at Randleman Lake, unless I get advice to go somewhere else.  Last year I would have placed third in that category, but I was late returning to the restaurant where we meet and I forgot my usb cord to show my photos.  This time I will be prepared.

First in Freedom

‎”The Halifax Resolves ordered North Carolina’s delegation to the second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, not only to form foreign alliances, but also to seek and vote for independence from Great Britain. This action made North Carolina the first of the colonial governments to call for total independence.”

I want my old license plate back – “First in Freedom”!  As important as it is, Ohio can have flight; nothing matters more than liberty.

My Preferences on Media and Substrate

Alkyd oils on board

I’ve worked in oils and acrylics, and I still do watercolors on occassion, but I seem to have settled on using alkyds on my larger pieces these days.  Alkyds are essentally like oil paints with an alkyd resin base.  I find Alkyds perfect in that they dry quicker than oils and slower than acrylics.  Also, unlike acrylics, the color doesn’t change as it dries.  I always found trying to match a wet acrylic color to a dry one exasperating.

As for my “canvas”, I still use a stretched canvas on occassion, but I’m tending to do more painting on luan-type boards lately.  One advantage of the boards is that I can easily make them any size I want by running them through my table saw, so when I have a vintage frame I can easily make a board to fit.   Another thing I like is I can make the surface texture as rough or as smooth as I want when I apply the gesso.  Either I brush it on thick in intersecting strokes or I coat it and then sand it down as smooth as I want.

Ultimately, I’m looking for materials and tools that allow me to concentrate on the image I’m creating, without giving me the sense that I’m wrestling with them.  Alkyds on boards are as close as I’ve gotten to that ideal.