“Biography, Philosophy, and other Diversions”

I’m Jeff Christian and I am a Christian, a husband, father of three, an American, a North Carolinian, an artist and illustrator, fisherman, woodworker, and craftsman.  I’m chockful of ideas, opinions, experiences, and interests that I will share here.

This blog is intended to be an ongoing, interactive conversation about things that interest me and hopefully you -eg. fishing, woodworking, boatbuilding, family, history, and philosophy.  So it is a real-time biography, written as I go.   As for philosophy, I want to be open about what I believe and have respectful conversations with you and maybe have a little discovery along the way.   I’m easily diverted.  There’s so many things that interest me in the world.  I like to be a participant in life rather than a spectator, but I do like a good story.  I like to make things.  I like to go off the beaten path.  Maybe my diversions could interest you as well.