I’m getting tired of lifting my kayak onto my giant SUV and all the careful strapping it entails.  I realize I go kayak fishing less because of the hassle.  Also I’m going to need to take more than boat places in the future as I have 3 future kayak anglers in my house.  However, paying $1,000 for a purpose built kayak trailer would be difficult to explain to the Mrs..  So what’s a guy to do?  I’ve seen several good examples of used boat trailers modified to carry kayaks, so I figured I’d see what I could find.  A little Craigslist search found several boat “projects”, where the owner was pretty much just trying to get an eyesore out of his yard, with the prices being $300 and less.  The trailers usually looked serviceable under a rotting boat.  I decided to look for a free boat/trailer combo in Chatham County so if I had to nurse a questionable trailer home it wouldn’t be too far.  I advertised on the local “Chatlist” and a “for sale in Chatham Co.” group in FB and soon had an offer.  The find was a early ’80’s 17 foot boat and trailer that an oak had fallen on, bending the tongue at the jack.  My first attempt to bring it home was a failure.  I couldn’t figure out a way to bend the tongue back into shape.  I heated it, hammered it, and used a giant iron bar for leverage and only got it bent about a third of the way it needed to go.  My next attempt will involve cutting off most of the bend and attaching a new coupler to the stub that’s left.  That should get me home to strip down the boat, so I can take it to the dump.  Then I can start building up my kayak trailer.  I’m thinking of building a rack that can hold four kayaks and attaching a lockable storage box to it.  I’ll post some pictures when I get it here.